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  Zhaoqing City Grow Automation TechnologyCo., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that specialized in electronic componentsand special equipment and automation project research and development,committed to the growth of a from R & D, design and manufacturing, withindependent intellectual property rights of the company. Is a company with morethan 20 years of electronic equipment and automation project development anduse of the experience of the technical team, with a strong ability to developinnovative. In the digestion and absorption on the basis of the United States,Japan, South Korea, and other advanced equipment and process qualityrequirements and equipment organically and improved, successfully developed thecentrifugation plating machine, nano level zirconium oxide lining sand mill,chamfering automatic loading machine tank, high pressure testing machine, fullautomatic printing machine, automatic film machine and online appearancedetection series products, with excellent price and good after-sales service tocompletely replace the imported products.

   In the automation project customizationdevelopment of MES (Manufacturing Execution System), the organic combination of MES and ERP, the realization of the intelligent management of the factory, wehave successfully developed the intelligent automatic batching system, bridgedata automatic acquisition system and an electronic component product bar codelabel error proofing system and so on.

   Company will behigh-quality products, good service and sincere attitude of enthusiasm for thevast number of customer service, dedicated equipment localization andautomation industry unremitting efforts!

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